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in Leipzig for Saxony,

Saxony-Anhalt & Destinations

Congratulations - Your engaged!

You're probably really excited & looking forward to your wedding day. I know - from my own experience - how quickly you can feel completely overwhelmed during the process because you constantly see something that you like or you don't even know where to start.  As a wedding photographer, I've been able to accompany several weddings & I always noticed the excitement but also the stress for the bride and groom during the preparation for their wedding.

I would love to help you so enjoy your time before your wedding & your big day - without any stress or worries. With great attention to detail, passion & sustainability I'm going to plan, organize & photograph your dream wedding that suits you, your personality & fits your love story.

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It's all about you!

You're the most important persons at your wedding. That's why your wedding has to suit you, match your values & reflect your story. 


It starts with the location, extends to the small details in the decoration or your invitations & goes all the way to the photographer. For this very reason it is extremely important that I get to know you & your story & that you also get to know me. Because you have to trust me to be able to plan your dream wedding.


The nice thing about getting to know each other quite well I'm also able to represent your unique story as your wedding photographer. Of course, you can also choose an external photographer, but they won't be able to get to know you as well as I can, which will be noticeable your wedding photos. 

My bridal couples appreciate this so much because they can better overcome their “fear” in front of the camera because they have the feeling that they have known me for a long time and I make it so comfortable for them. make it as relaxed as possible.

The Process


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I'm looking forward to getting to know you in person. The first conversation is completely non-binding for you & free of charge!

You can tell me about yourself, your story & your dreams and wishes for your wedding.

You are also welcome to ask me questions.



After our conversation, you'll receive an offer from me based on your information. If you decide to work with me we'll start our journey together towards the most beautiful day of your life.



Before we start the implementation, I'll collect ideas and present them to you. At the end of the  process, I'll create a final concept for you within your budget.

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Once the basic framework and concept have been established, it's time to start implementing it. The important details are clarified with all service providers and your dream wedding is now coming true.

The time has finally come - your wedding day is today. On this day I'm the contact person for you, your guests & all service providers to ensure a smooth & relaxed process. 

I would also love to be your wedding photographer.


Alex & Theresa

Dear Loreen,

I can't tell you how happy we are. Our day was simply perfect. You have enriched our day & made it unforgettable with your style & your pictures.


Thank you so, so much!

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