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Behind Love Lens Weddings

What & who is Love Lens Weddings? Those two questions and more will be answered on this page. I hope you're looking forward to get to know me a little bit better.

My Philosophy

My goal is to make every wedding as individual as my couples. With me there is no wedding twice, because I tailor your wedding to you down to the smallest detail & Your personality. With me you won't find the typical castle or country wedding, but rather concepts that reflect you, your story & reflect your personality. With great attention to detail, I ensure that your day will be unforgettable for you.

I want you to be able to escape the stressful time of wedding planning & only get to know the most beautiful facets. 

You also have the option of booking me as your wedding photographer. We will spend some time together during the planning process, so you can be sure that I will implement your story perfectly, not only in terms of planning but also in terms of photography.

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My name is Loreen.

I am a proud dogmom, fiancé myself as well as a little, crazy & adventurous eco-girl, a wedding photographer & your wedding planner for individual & unique weddings.

What is important to me?
Sustainability is a big part of my life, which is also represented in my work as a wedding planner. There are so many great options to make your dream wedding more sustainable & you won't need to pass out on anything. If Sustainability is a part of your life too & you want to have a great & amazing wedding - well than, I'm your girl.

Of course I do have some other things that are very important to me such as: having an open mind, empathy & sympathy. I love to meet new people & get to know their stories. But to be honest with you guys I'm not the kind of person that tolerates intolerance, discrimination (in any shape or form), racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia or hate in general. 

Maybe this makes me a crazy-eco-woke woman for some people but you know what - I love to be exactly this kind of person.

Love is Love & it is vibrant - as well as we all are!

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